Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology
RKVY-RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubator

  • What is the definition of a start-up?

    We consider the DIPP definition of a start-up for this program. ("The DIPP amended the definition,as per which an entity will be considered a 'start-up'up to a period of 10 years from the date of incorporation/registration and if its turnover for any of the financial Years since incorporation/registration does not exceed Rs 100 crore"),

  • Is the program only for agriculture and allied sector?'

    Yes, it is only for agriculture and allied sector start- ups,

  • Is a sole proprietor eligible to apply for pre-seed stage and seed stage funding?

    No. As per the DIPP definition, partnerships, LLP.& Pvt Ltd. Company are eligible for seed stage,However, a pre-seed/idea stage entrepreneur may apply and Undergo training and later apply for registration in order to receive funding.

  • Is there any minimum qualification criterion for enrolment in both the proqrammes?

    No, there is no such prescribed criterion.Programme is open for all Entrepreneurial applicants irrespective of their qualification.

  • Is there any maximum age limit for the applicant?

    There is no maximum age limit however the applicant should not be a minor.

  • Is it compulsory for the owner of the start-up to attend the training program or can His/her team member attend?

    Founder or anyone from his/her core team is permissible to attend the training. However, it is suggestive for the founder to attend the training programme.

  • What will be the funding procedure?

    After the completion of two months training programme, R-ABI will forward the proposal of selected start-ups to the ministry for funding.(For more information visit to w.Wyv.cirQotrabi*Egm On these What We Do+ Incubation Programmes Pre-Seed/ Seed Stage Funding Programs).

  • What will be the venue of the traininq proqram?

    Venue for training (Online/Offline mode) will be ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai.

  • Is the programme only for the people with a background in aqriculture?

    Applicants from any apply but his/her agriculture and allied academic background can project should be under sector.

  • What are the criteria to get selected for grant in aid?

    Start-ups showing some growth two months and meeting the selection by RIC of R-ABI will bein a period parameters selected.

  • Is it compulsory for the people who have attended such trainings many times in the past to attend the two months training?

    Yes, attending two months training is compulsory.

  • Will an applicant receive 100% of project cost as a financial aid?

    Under Agripreneurship Orientation Programme, selected applicants will receive 90o/o of theproject cost in financial aid (maximum ?5 lakhs),while under Start-up Agri-Business Incubation Programme selected applicants will receive B5o/oof the project cost in financial aid (maximum ?25lakhs).

  • What will be the phases of fund disbursement?

    For seed stage, fund will be disbursed to recommended start-ups in three tranches of 40o/o, 40o/o & 20% and for pre-seed stage, fund will be disbursed in two tranches of 600/o and 40o/o of sanctioned amount from Ministry.

  • I have already availed the grant-in-aid for the firm in the past. Am I eligible to apply?

    No. You cannot avail the grant-in-aid if you have received the grant-in-aid from any government body. However, if you have received prize money such as 'Elevate' grant, then you may apply.

  • If an individual hasapplied for the pre-seed stage grant-in-aid in one cohort, can he apply for seed stage funding in the next cohort?

    Yes, provided the pre-seed incubate achieves all the milestones and exhausts the previously released pre-seed grant money.